Miss Sophie Visits Dr. Lin

My sister Stefanie Lin, VMD followed in my footsteps and also became a veterinarian. I have always been a stellar role model for her in so many ways. She practices outside of Philadelphia, and we share a client Miss Sophie. Today Sophie came in for a trim and primping, and of course some social time…

Why I Do What I Do…..

I have known Eugene and Laurie for as long as I have worked in Naples, over 26 years. Neither of them drive, but they were extremely dedicated pet owners and would ride their bike with a cat carrier strapped onto it for their yearly exams. They never missed one…ever. For the last 6 years I…

Myrtle Visits the Vet…..

Jonathan Jensen posted this on Facebook. Naples Family Vet/ Damien Lin,VMD is just the best. Myrtle marches right in, does not mind needles or other probes. Her ears perk up when Mother tells her that we are going to see Dr. Lin Makes me happy to share…..😄❤️😄

Naples Family Vet at the Nursing Home

As many of you may know I visit local nursing homes regularly with my three dogs, Mr. Peanut, Milo, and Miss Rica.  Although my mother-in-law passed away in February, we continue to visit the nursing home. Annette lives across the hall and ADORES my dogs. As you can see the feeling is mutual. They LOVE…

Bayridge Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Lin is happy to be joining Dr. Brian Theiss and Dr. Lisa Cooper at Bayridge Veterinary Hospital.   She will be seeing patients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and alternate Saturday mornings by appointment.